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EITACIES is short for EIT (Enterprise Information Technology) and ACIES, which means Skillful Edge in Greek. The company represents the spirit of Greek thinking – dedication, transparency, honesty, innovation, and equal opportunity to all. These were the cornerstones of the Greek society's success and they are also EITACIES' pillars of strength.

Drawing inspiration from the pioneers of modern thinking, we at EITACIES offer our skillful expertise in information technology to achieve path-breaking innovations and help transform businesses globally.

EITACIES Inc is a Product Engineering and software services company, providing pioneer services in IoT, SOA, Cyber Security, Cloud Integration & Middleware, Master Data Management & Cloud-based applications & solutions, DevOps, machine learning & AI. With proven ability to plan and implement IT solutions, we have been providing turnkey solutions in the above areas.

Our Engineering and Project Management services bring expertise to assess, manage, develop and maintain your critical initiatives. We provide solutions to the customers to manage, change and transform their business challenges through high-quality and cost-effective business/Enterprise IT services. We are experts in providing high impact custom software development, integration, deployment and implementation services in the domain of Internet of Things (IoT), Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Cloud Security, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), cloud computing and Web Services.

IT Strategy, Engineering & Startup Enabler

EITACIES Engineering Services enables clients to maximize business value from their IT investments leading to improved organizational performance. Our Products & services leverage business knowledge, process excellence, technology expertise and substantial domain experience in chosen industry verticals.

Software Products: We offer a comprehensive suite of software products that are used by our customers. We have developed a range of products targeted toward Enterprise Application Integration,DevOps, Cloud Solutions, Cyber Security, Container Security. Our products and tools, which include off-line analysis, on-line data capture and factory automation capabilities are modular and highly scalable. Our software testing and utility framework tools provide users with a common view of their test data regardless of what equipment is in use or where the test floor is located. We have a global footprint of installations across the world for small and medium business customers.

With a strong pool of engineers, we provide clients with managed services and staff augumentation to support their entire enterprise lifecycle and help them build a better enterprise. We innovate on client offerings, transform the way in which they engineer these offerings and optimize execution to deliver distinctive solutions and ensure measurable business value.

The foundation of our innovation capability is our R&D core lab network - EITACIES Competence Centre [ECC] - ECC adds value to EITACIES engineering and its customers by adopting innovations in engineering concepts, technologies, and business systems to be on the cutting- edge and create more value.


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