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Change Grow Live (STAR)

CGL is a critically important partner because they fund staff and running costs under a 5-year sub-contract until 2024 , and they refer clients to ESRA for recovery support.

CGL covers all the running costs of the building at Cafe North in Eastbourne. CGL also pays for staff at Cafe North, including the Hub Manager, Senior Support Worker (CAT), Support Worker and Café Supervisor. They also pay for an Asset Based Community Development worker who covers Eastbourne and Hastings.

Rainbow Alliance 

Hastings and Rother Rainbow Alliance is an organisation that is working to support the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) in Hastings and Rother

Established in 2003, HRRA works to support the local LGBT communities by; Providing a voice within the statutory and voluntary sector, looking at the social needs of our communities and working to develop social outlets, informing services providers of the needs of LGBT communities, holding events that will encourage active citizenship by LGBT people and much more.

The charity’s objects being primarily advanced in Hastings and Rother is to promote the equality of treatment and diversity particularly in relation to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons for the benefit of the public.

Coastal Wellbeing

In June 2020, ESRA renewed its partnership with Coastal Wellbeing to deliver WRAP training to ESRA staff volunteers and clients. WRAP stands for Wellness in Recovery Action Planning, and it teaches personal responsibility for wellbeing in recovery. This has already been shown to improve resilience among the recovery community.

This new partnership has been funded by MIND. With it comes a new piece of work that will enable us to adapt WRAP training so that it can also be offered online. This will benefit typically hard to reach clients who can't easily attend in-person sessions. This could be due to parenting commitments, challenges with mental health or limited access to transport.

Support for veterans

We have a partnership agreement with East Sussex veterans Hub (ESVH). They support veterans and their families with a range of services relating to immediate welfare issues, mental health, and the practicalities of successfully integrating back into civilian life.

Over 90% of ESVH clients with PTSD also experience drug or alcohol misuse.

ESVH focuses on this ‘hard to reach’ group and those less likely to engage. Where appropriate, they refer clients to ESRA.


One You

Last year, 24 ESRA clients had free NHS health checks during 3 drop-ins.

Professional referrals and relationships

At ESRA we regularly work with the following professional bodies to safeguard and support our clients:

  • Adult Social Care

  • Well-being Centre

  • Probation Service

  • Police (eg for safeguarding concerns and welfare checks)

  • Hastings Borough Council

  • Woodlands Hospital

  • Staying Well

Partner with us

We are always looking for partnership opportunities with like-minded charities and agencies.

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