Free recovery app

Breaking Free is a brilliant app that can support you in your recovery. It has been made available to you thanks to CGL STAR. Here is a short video that tells you all about Breaking Free

Interested? Click on the link below and then 'sign up'. The free access code is eastsussex11.

Breaking Free

Emergency contacts

Here are some emergency contact lists:

Mental health helplines

LGBTQ+ helpline

Hastings emergency contacts

Eastbourne emergency contacts

Info and guidance from CGL

Mental Health Support

Drug use - advice and support

Alcohol use - advice and support

Addiction, triggers and cravings

VIDEO: Part 1: What Is addiction?

VIDEO: Part 2: The science of addiction

VIDEO: Part 3: Intrductory and management phases of addiction

VIDEO: Part 4: Disenchantment phase

VIDEO: Part 5: Disaster phase

VIDEO: Part 6: Deaing with triggers and cravings

Covid-19 and addiction recovery

VIDEO: Fighting isolation to stay sober

VIDEO: The impact of Covid19 on people recoverng from addiction

Virtual fellowship meetings

Click on any of the links below to join a virtual meeting

Alcoholics Anonymous

Cocaine Anonymous

All Fellowships

SMART Recovery

Recovery podcasts

If you are part of the AA fellowship, then Soberful is a great podcast that you need to know about. Discussions aretopica;, relevant and inspiring. Here are some good ones to start off with:

PODCAST: Staying sober in a crisis

PODCAST: Sobriety and creativity

PODCAST: Anxiety, panic attacks and sobriety

Relapse prevention

VIDEO: Relapse prevention planning

VIDEO: Relapse prevention for addiction and mental health

VIDEO: Habit and relapse prevention

Other recovery resources 

Here are some guides that will help you to access support services in the community:

Community Resources for Veterans in Recovery

Your Choice: a Manual for Recovery

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