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How to apply

CGL (STAR) has been offering the recovery community a fantastic opportunity to apply for funds for specific, one-off and recovery-focused ideas and initiatives. The ethos of the fund has been one of empowerment.

The fund has a total of £30 000 to award, and the panel meets regularly to evaluate the applications that have been received.

If you would like to apply for the new round of funding, please contact Kanna Ingleson on [email protected] for help and info.

2021 Successful Applications

Pat Hide: Counselling

Counselling for those who are in recovery from substance misuse and are currently experiencing difficulties in life. Hailsham.

Maxine Kerr: Support for Carers

Face to face group sessions on a fortnightly basis for the families and carers of people with drugs and alcohol misuse issues to provide emotional support, educational tools, social contact, and a moment of respite.

Clare Rowe: Therapeutic Art

Mandalas, painting inspirational quotes, zen-doodling, guided meditation into image making, art journaling, vision boards, jewellery making, happiness jar, gratitude gifts, sacred geometry and card making.

Harumi Welford: Reiki for Wellbeing in Recovery

Providing Reiki sessions for people in recovery. Harumi has extensive experience in supporting families experiencing both active addiction and recovery. Reiki therapy is sometimes used in America alongside conventional medicine to support people in drug and alcohol addiction.

Rowland Jobson: Exploring Stigma Through Film

Rowland has previous experience in dealing with stigma, having been the film-maker on the ‘Time to Change’ campaign in partnership with Rethink and Mind. Classes will be at The Pelham in Bexhill.

Coastal Wellbeing: 1-to-1 Counselling in Newhaven and Lewes

Providing counselling in Newhaven and Lewes, either face to face, via zoom or by phone. People in recovery often find experience barriers to due to eligibility, cost and waiting lists. This project will make counselling services available to people who would otherwise not have been able access them.

Arts on Prescriptrion: Art in Uckfield


Clare Rowe: Therapeutic Art in Newhaven


Bourne Out


EFT: Bushcraft and Foraging


Hailsham Boxing Club: SMART License


Rory Quigley: Personal Training


Sandra Lamberti: Community Sewing Group






2020 Successful Applications

Arts on Prescription Taster Sessions

18 weeks of Zoom taster sessions in art, singing and creative writing. Art packs to include acrylic paints, pencils, sketch pads, eraser, sharpener, brushes, song sheets, activities and signposting links to Social Media/Facebook members group.

Coastal Wellbeing Counselling

Face to face counselling in Lewes and Newhaven, with the option of participating remotely. This will address challenges such as the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, bereavement, loss of stability and the emotional challenges faced during lockdown.

Fishing Group

Fishing and coastal foraging group to teach people how to catch, clean and cook seafood. When the weather is not suitable for being on the beach, they will be taught angling knots and other technical aspects of fishing. Participants will be encouraged to always help clear the beach of rubbish.

Freedom Leisure Gym Access

An activity programme based on 3 offers, all of which are perfect for anyone needing a little extra help and motivation. Wellbeing gym: a small group, instructor led session, Wellbeing sport: A casual sport session Wellbeing swim: A casual swim session

Samantha Jane Yoga

1-hour beginners Yoga session to teach basic mindfulness. Participants will use movement and breath to release any tensions, or to allow them the space and time to be somewhere other than at home. The class will be restorative at first, but could be more upbeat later on, depending on the needs of the group.

Community Sewing Group

An established community sewing group, supporting all sewing abilities, now has the money for a hand-operated sewing machine suitable for participants with mobility difficulties. It will ensure that the group can make activities more accessible for existing participants, and to be more inclusive in future.

The Making Room

Mono-print workshop – An intriguing and fun l fine art printmaking method using experimental print making techniques to produce colourful unique prints.

Eco Bunting - A collaborative workshop where participants will work as team to produce a colourful and cheerful installation of handmade bunting. The focus of this artwork will be the reuse of single use plastic, spreading a positive environmental message.

‘It’s a wrap’ workshop – Using block printing methods, participants will create their own personalised greetings cards and wrapping paper. They will be shown the basics of pattern making and lino cutting with the possibility of independently creating a selection of greetings cards for sale.

Women Only Recovering Creatively (WORC)

WORC has successfully applied for funds for equipment and associated accessories. This includes a laptop, mobile phone, projector, laminator and a Cricut machine. The group provides lunch for all participants and they have also had funding approved for food and travel.

Creative Writing

Creative writing through Unfolding will focus on empowering. It is about opening up from being disempowered to becoming empowered as someone who begins to express, understand, learn, and grow, held within a safe, empathetic group. The workshops will explore the themes to enhance awareness, understanding, confidence, and healing.

Scales and Tails Food Hub

The following cooking groups will be held: Family cook, play and eat, Men's cooking club, Tails and scales bait making club.

Rowland Jobson Filmmaking workshops

‘Our Lockdown’ a participatory film-making workshop and film. The film will look at the lives of 2-3 participants during ‘Lockdown’ and how it has affected them. Rowland is an award winning director and writer with a background in cinema, commercials, drama, documentary, and interactive narrative.

Emma Cunliffe Yoga

These classes will help people learn to view themselves with more compassion. It will provide a safe, judgement-free space to release stress, anxiety, and tension. Participants will be encouraged to listen to their bodies, by offering choices about how they would like to use the time. Participants can even just rest on the mat if that is what they need that day.

Pat Hide Counselling

Phone, online (via Zoom) or face to face counselling will be provided by a Humanistic counsellor who works mainly in a person-centred manner. Participants will be able to develop a new perspective on their life and gain a new self-awareness and self-esteem. It also has the potential for them to come to terms with what has happened to them and to make changes in their life.

Clare Hackney Food Hub

This cooking course will aim to teach all of the basic skills. Participants will be taught different cooking methods, healthy options, how to follow recipes, budgeting and planning a weeks shopping, as well as how to make the most of leftovers. It will also include the safe storage of food to avoid waste.


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