ESRA provides drug and alcohol recovery services for anyone over the age of 18. Everyone is welcome at ESRA, and we accept self referrals.


Our objective is to help those who attend ESRA to build resilience and to live free from addiction.


ESRA delivers its services from Hastings Recovery hub at 5 Harold Place , Hastings 

Our clients can expect:

  • Support from staff who have lived experience. A  program of recovery support is offered and designed in collaboration with the clients
  • Clients are able to access a free  range of therapy groups and social activities (art, fishing, yoga etc.), health checks, self-development courses, and face to face appointments.
  • Clients can be signposted  to other resources  relating to advice and treatment, support for wellbeing, and skills and employment services.
  • The hubs are an alcohol and drug free safe space in which to have snacks and nutritious meals in the company of others with lived experience.


In 2022 ESRA supported 250 individuals across both hubs in Eastbourne and Hastings, which included a small 3% of clients who live in the rural areas of East Sussex. This is where we will focus our next piece of work   

People reported that when they are attending our SMART  recovery groups they want to make a change.


Clients said the most important reason I want to make these changes were:

  • For my children and family

  • For a healthy lifestyle

  • For my future

  • To break the cycle

  • For self-worth, peace, ease of anxiety / anger

  • To improve my mental health, to improve my health

  • To calmly grow into a sustainable person, with solid attainable goals.

  • Get a career that suits me and allows me to support my family.

  • To better myself for myself and my family

  • To improve my mental and spiritual wellbeing and feel like I’m moving my life forward

  • To get away from drug dealers and old friends that use.

  • To have more time doing the things ï enjoy.

  • Be more present in the moment, healthier for me and my family

  • For my own health and my wellbeing, to be able to look at my life in a more positive way also to possibly go on to help others

  • Not to be trapped in doors.

  • Being active to make sure ï don’t drink again

  • To be a good member of society and help others with my own experience to show you can beat it. whether through volunteering or employment


87.5% of those who attended and completed SMART at ESRA reported they had made a change.


The recovery cafe

Our cafe are conveniently located near the train stations in Hastings. They are at the heart of our offering.

The cafes provide a safe place for people in recovery to meet, talk in confidence and to support one another.

Low cost of healthy food and a warm welcoming environment helps people gain the confidence to join in with groups and activities.


ESRA Connectors

ESRA Connectors support clients in getting the detail of their lives back together. Going back to basics by taking care of day to day obligations helps to stabilise often chaotic lives and to establish a foundation on which to build a recovery.

ESRA connectors help run support groups and are always there to chat to clients in the café to see if there is anything that is worrying them.

Groups and activities

People who come to our recovery cafes are encouraged to attend the a recovery group and take part in the social activities. People from all walks of life come to ESRA, and our timetables offer a range of things to do. Many of them are hosted at ESRA, and some are offered by partner organisations in the community.





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