Referring clients to ESRA

ESRA Self Referral Form  ESRA Organisations Referral Form

Please complete the attached referral form. This can be completed by an organisation on your behalf or by you yourself. 

This form should be used to access ESRA support services for people who are:

  • on a committed recovery pathway and a readiness to change 
  • ready to begin taking responsibility for their own recovery
  • ready to participate in peer support recovery groups

The majority of ESRA's clients follow an abstinence based recovery pathway. We work with individuals at assessment to identify what the clients recovery goals are, and what is most likely to improve overall quality of life. If we feel you're not yet ready to enage with recovery support, we will signpost you to another organisation, or work with your referrer to find the most suitable support for you at this time. 

All referrals are initially sent to the relevant hub manager. ESRA staff will contact the referrer if further information is needed to move the referral forward.

If you would like to discuss a client before referring, then please call : Hastings on 01424 435318.